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Mosby Heritage Area Association

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Mosby Heritage Area Association Newsletter - December 2012

Presidents Letter

2012 will soon be history!

Time takes on an interesting dynamic as we grow older. The longer we experience this life, the shorter the years become. How well we remember the joyous December holidays as children!  How we regretted the time it would take for them to come back once they passed! How astonished we now are that they have come back so darn quickly!

All of this is related to our celebration of our local history and heritage because as we mature we find that history telescopes. We understand that events of the past are events that are not far passed. In understanding that revelation, we can appreciate the gift of “feeling” our history.

So 2012 has sped by but we have hung onto to it every minute of the way while making sure that we have underscored our events with due reverence. Here is summary of how we have invested the resources that you have provided us.

We sponsored an 1812 Commemoration with a site visit to historic Rokeby and a talk by Marc Leepson on Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner.

We sponsored a site visit to historic Oak Hill with a talk by Andrea Wulf on the Transit of Venus which returned to us recently after a period of 130 years.

We sponsored a site visit to historic Avenel with a talk by Georgia Herbert and Mimi Mackall on the impact of the Civil War on our local home front.

We sponsored a site visit to the battlefield of Second Manassas with a preceding talk by John Hennessy on an overview of the importance of that battle.

We sponsored an exploration by motor coach on the roads and fords used by the soldiers on the march toward Sharpsburg and the battlefield of Antietam with a preceding talk by Dennis Frye on an overview of the importance of that battle.

 We sponsored two separate talks on the armies movement through our area in the fall of 1862 – one, by Brian Boucher, dealing with the battlefields around Unison and the other, by Frank O’Reilly, on the armies subsequent march through our area toward Fredericksburg.

We sponsored a successful 15th Annual Art of Command Conference focusing on the many aspects of the Battle of Chancellorsville with a site visit to that battlefield to walk that hallowed ground.

Our Gray Ghost Interpretive Group put on lantern lit presentations at Aldie, Sky Meadows State Park, Lincoln and Millwood during the year.  They also presented three Scout Along the Turnpike and two Rendezvous at Rector’s Crossroads programs.

We collaborated with the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority to produce the “Conversations in History Series” at Mount Zion Church with five talks during the year related to our local history and heritage.

We were honored by Visit Loudoun by the nomination of Rich Gillespie for the prestigious Judy Patterson Award and for the award presented to George Tiedeman for Volunteer of the Year. Both gentlemen are valued resources to the Mosby Heritage Area Association and we are proud of them.

We were honored by the award of a $41,000 grant by the American Battlefield Protection Program of the National Park Service to prepare a Preservation Plan for the battlefields of Aldie, Middleburg and Upperville. You will be hearing more on this initiative.

We celebrated the arrival of a new part time member of our team – Jennifer Moore. She has brought us truly valuable skills and experience.

2012 has gone by too quickly but we have made every moment count as an opportunity to bring to you an increased awareness and appreciation of this wonderful place we call our home - our Piedmont Valley.

You may have received a letter from us asking for an end of the year donation. Over 80% of our budget is dedicated to our programs including our school program which reaches over 40 schools and over 5,000 students. Most importantly, this year donations given before year end will be matched dollar for dollar. Call us at 540-687-6681 and we will facilitate your donation to ensure that it doubles your support for our work.

Finally, remember that all of us here love what we do and all of us appreciate your wonderful support.

Respectfully submitted,
Childs F. Burden

2012 Heritage Hero Awards

On Wednesday, December 5, 2012, the Mosby Heritage Area Association recognized four individuals for their service in the efforts of preservation and conservation.  A large group of friends and supporters gathered at the National Sporting Library and Museum to watch Lori Kimball, Walter Nicklin, Bob Sinclair, and Su Webb receive the 2012 Heritage Hero awards, as well as to receive letters of recognition from Senator Mark Warner. It was a lovely evening and we wish to thank our sponsor, Middleburg Bank, for their support. Congratulations to Lori, Walter, Bob, and Su!

Photo by Douglas Lees. Heritage Hero Award Recipients Bob Sinclair, Su Webb, Walter Nicklin, Lori Kimball.
Photo by Douglas Lees. Heritage Hero Award Recipients Bob Sinclair, Su Webb, Walter Nicklin, Lori Kimball.

Photo by Douglas Lees. Wayne Eastham and Walter Nicklin.
Photo by Douglas Lees. Wayne Eastham and Walter Nicklin.

Photo by Douglas Lees. MHAA Board members Harriett Condon and Kim Abe.
Photo by Douglas Lees. MHAA Board members Harriett Condon and Kim Abe.

Photo by Douglas Lees. MHAA Board members Joe Dempsey, Dan Morrow, and Jim Herbert.
Photo by Douglas Lees. MHAA Board members Joe Dempsey, Dan Morrow, and Jim Herbert.

Photo by Douglas Lees. Margaret and Trowbridge Littleton and Mary South Hutchison.
Photo by Douglas Lees. Margaret and Trowbridge Littleton and Mary South Hutchison.

There’s Still Time

As reported in the last newsletter, the Mosby Heritage Area Association has been given a challenge to raise $20,000 by the end of 2012. If we raise these funds, every dollar will be matched by generous supporters of MHAA. 

To make a tax-deductible contribution to help us meet this challenge, send a check payable to “MHAA” to Mosby Heritage Area, PO Box 1497, Middleburg, VA 20118. You will receive an acknowledgement of your gift for tax purposes.

You can also donate online by going to the MHAA website.  Click the “Make a Donation” tab at the top of the Home Page. 

Click here to donate online.

2013: A Great Year

Mark your calendars for these MHAA Events coming in 2013. More details and added events will be provided in the upcoming issues of the MHAA newsletter and on the Calendar Page of the MHAA website,

January 26 – The First Rendezvous –11:00 am, Mount Zion Church, Aldie. To commemorate the 150th anniversary of John Mosby’s first raid with the newly formed 43rd Virginia Battalion, Mosby’s Rangers.  Sponsored by MHAA, the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority and the Loudoun County Sesquicentennial Committee.

February 10 – Foxhunting: the History and Future of the Sport in the Piedmont – 2:00-4:00pm at the National Sporting Library and Museum in Middleburg.   A panel of four renowned huntsmen will speak on the topic of foxhunting in the Piedmont with individual presentations, panel discussion, and questions and answer from the audience.

March 2 – Cavaliers, Courage and Coffee program – 7:30 pm at the Aldie Mill, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Aldie Races.  

March 10 – Hell is Being a Republican in the State of Virginia: Talk and Tour at Brentmoor – 2:00 pm at the Visitor Center in Warrenton. David Goetz will speak about his book on the relationship of John Mosby and Ulysses S. Grant followed by a tour of Brentmoor, Mosby’s home in Warrenton following the Civil War.

April 13 – Waveland Tour – 2:00-4:00 pm at Waveland south of Marshall in Fauquier County. A tour of Waveland featuring the history of the John Augustine Washington family and their African-American slaves, the architectural features of the house, and the preservation efforts of the current owners.

April 27 – Scout Along the Turnpike program – 12 noon-5:00 pm at Mount Zion Church, Aldie Mill, and the Rector House. Sponsored by MHAA and the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority.

May 5 – Mosby Ride – Ride and lunch in the historic Mosby countryside near Ebenezer Church in Loudoun County. Historic interpretation provided by the Gray Ghost Interpretive Group.

May 12 – Zelda’s Tea Party – 2:00-4:00pm at historic Welbourne in Loudoun County. Step back in time to the 1930’s to have Mother’s Day Tea with F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald on the veranda at Welbourne.

June 7-9 – Mosby Ranger Descendant Reunion – A weekend of events commemorating the 150th anniversary of the official founding of the 43rd Virginia Battalion, Mosby’s Rangers.  Friday evening, 7:30 pm, Talk by Robert O’Neill on his latest book that highlights the relationship of Stuart and Mosby; Saturday morning, 10:00 am, Reunion Program at the Middleburg Community Center featuring the Roll Call by Company and lunch followed by guided tours; Saturday evening, 7:30pm, Cavaliers, Courage and Coffee program at the Rector House in Atoka; and Sunday afternoon, 1:00-4:00 pm a Mosby Safe House Tour.

June 14-16 – Prelude to Gettysburg; the Cavalry Battles of Aldie, Middleburg and Upperville – The commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Cavalry Battles of Aldie, Middleburg and Upperville.  Friday evening dedication of a Plaque at Mount Zion Church for Lynde Buckingham, the only correspondence killed during the Civil War and a talk by Robert O’Neill on the Cavalry Battles. Saturday morning, skirmish in Alide and living history vignettes; Saturday afternoon, Battle of Aldie reenactment at Furr Farm on the Snickersville Turnpike, living history vignettes and tours of Furr House, and Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Massachusetts Monument; Saturday evening, 7:30 pm Cavaliers, Courage and Coffee program at the Rector House in Atoka; Sunday morning, Programs at the National Sporting Library, Mount Defiance and Goose Creek Bridge; Sunday afternoon, 2:00 pm Cavalry re-enactment on Trappe Road near Upperville.

September 7 – Cavaliers, Courage and Coffee program – Details to follow later.

October 4-6 – Conference on the Art of Command in the Civil War – Middleburg Community Center. More details to follow early in 2013.

November 2 – Cavaliers, Courage and Coffee program – 7:30 pm at the Burwell-Morgan Mill in Clarke County.

November 10 – The Kennedy’s in Middleburg – MHAA will offer a program on the Kennedy's in Middleburg featuring local author Vicky Moon. More details to follow.

November 23 – The Chrysanthemum Jubilee – MHAA is planning a Victorian gathering with 19th century music, dance, entertainment and food.  More details to follow.

Holiday Sale at the MHAA Store

Take a look at the great items in the MHAA Store. We are conducting a Book Sale through January to reduce our stock.

There are three ways to purchase items from MHAA:

  1. Come by our headquarters at 1461 Atoka Road, Marshall, Virginia 20115—the historic Caleb Rector House. We are here from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm daily, Monday through Friday.  Please call ahead of time to make sure we are not out of the building.  No postage and handling means items purchased at the Rector House are $5 less than those that require mailing.
  2. Look at the merchandise on our Store Page and in this newsletter. Call us at 540-687-6681 to place a credit card purchase. We accept Visa and Master Card.
  3. Go online to the MHAA Store Page and make your purchase using our PayPal service.  Note that some items listed below will not be on the website.

All items ordered by phone or online will be shipped by Priority Mail. $5 is added for postage and handling. The cost for this mailing is included in all prices. To assure you get items for Christmas, place your orders no later than December 19.

Andrea Wulf   

These books are hard cover and are signed by the author, Andrea Wulf 

Brother Gardeners - Was $40 Now $25 (includes postage and handling)  

Chasing Venus - Was $32 Now $20 (includes postage and handling)    

John Hennessy

The authoritative books on the Battles of First and Second Manassas. 

The First Battle of Manassas - Was $30 Now $18 (includes postage and handling)

Return to Bull Run - Was $32 Now $20 (includes postage and handling) 

Eric Buckland

A collection of stories and information about VMI cadets who rode with John Mosby. If you come to the Rector House, you will also find four booklets (36 pages) that tell the story of four Mosby Rangers.  We sell these for $3 each or two for $5.

Mosby’s Keydet Rangers - Was $40 Now $25 (includes postage and handling)

In the Shadow of the Enemy 

Through the words of Ida Dulany, we come to a greater understanding of life for those who lived in the Mosby Heritage Area during the American Civil War.

Was $30 Now $18 (includes postage and handling)

James Morgan

A Little Short of Boats

Local author and historian James Morgan’s account of the Battle of Ball’s Bluff based on his familiarity of the actual ground on which the battle was fought and his research into primary sources. Copies of this book have been signed by the author.

Was $25 Now $15 (includes postage and handling)

Travel Through History:

Jim Stewart, photographer and author of our “Travel through History” section, is taking December off to promote his photography, Fine Art Photography at The Village Gallery in Leesburg, Virginia.

For two years, Jim has been traveling throughout Loudoun County taking spectacular photographs of Mosby Heritage Area landscapes and writing about the history behind his photos.  In 2011, he began photographing the landscapes along Route 50 in a series of photographs titled “Along the Mosby Highway.”

In 2013, Jim will be devoting more time to his business, Fine Art Photography, but has agreed to contribute to the MHAA newsletter again in 2013.

To see Jim’s 2012 photographs for the “Travel through History” series, click on the following links to MHAA’s Gallery Page.

Travel through History: Taylorstown

Travel through History: Lovettsville and the German Settlement           

Travel through History: Hillsboro and Between the Hills

Travel through History: The Village of Round Hill

Travel through History: The Village of Bluemont

Travel through History: Bloomfield to Unison and the Battlefield

Travel through History: Philomont to Lincoln

Travel through History: Purcellville

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